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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Works out almost-perfectly

so. I am starting my gum and celery 7 day fast tomorrow. So of course, this is the weeked I go to my other moms and she allways bugs me about how I should eat all time. So, tomorrow she is picking me up at about 6 and so if she says if I am hungry, i can say i allready ate at home. And then the next day, saturday, she is working and wont be home until 12 in the afternoon. So when she comes home I can say I allready ate breakfast and dinner(I will have to make it look like I ate). And i can say i am full from that big lunch. Also, the next day I am leaving because I have a cookout. So, at the cookout I can say that I ate before. And then before, I will take a shower right away and so then when she asks me about eating, ill just say i'll eat at the cookout.

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