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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Uhm idk

Well It worked. Ish..not really.

This is what Ive eaten all weekend (inculding friday) :

A handfull of pretzels
lots of diet coke with 0 of anything in it
a cup of cereal
A handfull of bakes lays chips

But also ive thrown up like now that I think of it...kind of a lot. Like 4 times.

Yesterday, saturday...I went on a walk with hydie and we did 50 laps around the whole street of where we live. I am happy I did that to. Because I burned off the chips I ate and more.

Today I am going shopping so I will burn more calories also walking at the mall. Also, Their isnt a scale here, so I have no idea how much I weigh. Probably 111. I can loose a pound in one day and over night, so thats perfect. Tomorrow for school I will weigh 110. Still my goal weight is 98. So only 2 weeks until I achieve my goal(: yay.

So that means I will jave to loose 7 pounds in 7 days per week . I think that is tottally possible. If I allow myself 100 calories a day. And If I run and walk for an hour a day. Also, doing 100 crunches. And anything else I feel like.

This weekend, this mom bought me diet coke. And I will keep that in my room. That will so totally keep me full(:

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