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Friday, April 17, 2009

What shall I say?

This weekend I am going to my other moms house. And to keep her off my back today I will say that I had a giant peice of chocolate cake and chiken. Also, I will be all exagerative like omg I cant never eat again! LOL. Yeah well, it will work for tonight...and tomorrow morning, i'll eat before she gets up. And I will only have like a handfull of cereal...but put lots of milk in it to make it look like theirs alot in their. That covers it up for nate to see. Ohk and i'll be at the house all day so that covers up eating lunch. And for dinner...well i'll have to think of something. Maybe i'll just have cereal again to keep people happy. Like i'll have a full small bowl and then puke it up maybe? I'll have to try to be wuite, like put the fans on...and i'll have to make sure evryone is either outside or in the kitchen...farthest away from the bathroom as possible. And when we go to the house i'll ask hydie to come to she can have spasms of energy sometimes, so she'll keep me alert. And i'll take walks at night with her. Oooh ! I have an idea! But i'll have to make sure hydie doesnt tell. Around dinner time...I'll take a walk with her to the store and i'll say we are going to get something and take a walk. And i'll tell hydie that I have a stomache ache but i'm not hungry so if she could just say that I ate if my mom asks because I really dont feel like eating. AHA! Again i'm genious(:

Ooh and shooping sunday will take care of that cereal also, walking around and everything. And when I get back home i'll tell this mom that I ate(:

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