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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Ohk so I just threw up. Yeah I know it sounds like im mia or something but i'm not. I am just doin this to loose weight. I n the past week I have thrown up about 3 times. I probably will once more this week. My goal is still 98 pounds. I just want to be their allready gawd! I mean i still have 13 more pounds to go. And I know I can loose that in probably 2 weeks if I try really hard. Lets say by the end of the week now, sunday night, which will be in 3 days, I am 110 pounds. Right now I am 111.5. So starting next week that would mean I would have to loose 13 pounds in 14 days. So that is so possible. And if anything that means 2 extra days and thats it. And since It's going to be school weeks...that means the days will like just fly by. Can't wait till 14 days is up(:

Oh and before I forget thats means ill have to loose 0.9 pounds a day at least. Thats possible. And if I loose a pound a day that means Ill end up loosing 14 pounds instead of 13. Either way that works.

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