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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Posting the workouts

Yeah I am posting the workouts that I wrote down in this book I have. Yeah I know its not that much but compared to the food I am eating is.

Workouts for Monday:
run couting up to 400
lift 3lb weights 50 times
10 squats
5 pushups
100 crunches

Workouts Tuesday-Friday:
run couting up to 1000
10 squats
50 crunches
lift 3lb weighs 5 times
2 pushups

Workouts Saturday-Sunday:
run couting up to 500
50 crunches
lift 3lb weights 10 times
2 pushups
5 squats

Diet for Monday:
1 starburst
1 water bottle(ice cold)
half an apple or banana

Diet for Tuesday-Friday:
1 water bottle(ice cold)
10 oyster crackers
1 strawberry
a thin piece of cheese
(Friday I can have an additional 10 oyster cracker)

Diet for Saturday-Sunday:
2 water bottles minimum
An very small apple
A handfull of cereal

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