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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ideas for next year

Yuhup I am allready making outfit ideas and I of course will add throughout the rest of the year and the summer(of course I will only where these outfits once I am at 98 pounds)
and To buy all these clothes I can pretty much garentee $200 but thats not even enough to buy half so Over the summer I am not going to camp and I am going to baby sit all summer. By the end of the summer I probably should have enough to buy it. Also i'll save my birthday money and not spend it until I go back-to-school shopping.

idea 1:
-dark wash skinny jeans
-ultra long white spagetti straps or tank top
-navy,white,and grey plaid carf
-Black flip flops

idea 2:
-medium wash jeans with rips
-black buckle belt
-dark green tank top
-navy zipy sweatshirt or quarter length sleeve top

idea 3:
-Medium wash jean shorts with rips
-grey tank top
-brown knit short sleeve shirt

idea 4:
-light wash jean shorts with rips
-green tank top
-white short sleeve shirt
-yellow zippy thin sweatshirt

idea 5:
-white twill shorts
-grey tank top
-navy and white plaid scarf

idea 6:
-navy twill shorts
-white knit short sleeve shirt
-white lace spagetti straps
-brown flip flops

idea 7:
-black spagetti straps
-dark wash skinny jeans
-black ballet flats

idea 8:
-white quarter length or short sleeves
-brown tank top
-medium wash jean shorts
-white flip flops

idea 9:
-Medium wash jean shorts
-grey and white striped tank top
-light pink t-shirt

idea 10:
-orange and white striped shirt
-white tank top
-medium wash jeans
-red ballet flats

idea 11:
-medium blue and white long sleeve shirt w/sleeves rolled up to elbows
-medium wash jean shorts and frayed at the ends
-tiffany necklace

idea 12:
-plain white short sleeve shirt
-medium wash jeans w/rips
-silver studded belt

idea 13:
^love that outfit. my hair is that cut.

I only have 13 ideas so far but ill add more eventually.

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