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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lined paper plan

I have this mini notebook and for the week I wrote down what I can eat a day and what I will eat. It is probably only about 100 something or less calories. And I have workouts that I really have to do. And I will do it. I said that I will probably loose 5 pounds a week doing that but i'll probably end up loosing more. So that means less than a month until im 98. I am so not going to cheat this time. And thats a promise to myself. I weigh 111 right now. So starting money, by the next monday I should weigh about 106. And then a week from that, 101, and a week from that, 96. And thats when I can start eating semi normally again. Like I still wont be eating lunch, so that should control it, and I will still workout during the week a whole lot. But I am never letting myself get over 100 pounds until 10th grade. So for this year and next when i'm 96, it leaves 4 pounds of wiggle room, but as soon as I get to 100 or over 100, I am going on another fast to loose the 2 pounds or whatever. I have everything planned out. Its all good(:

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