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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunscreen and weight loss

Ohk so this magazine thing is when I get an ammount of magaznines that equal how much weight I want to loose, so it was 13 but I lost 2 pounds so now I have to take away 2. And I would have to loose 11 more pounds until I get to 100 and then i'll put 3 more magazines back up when I get to 100 pounds to loose 3 more pounds. So If I loose another pound or two today, then Ill only have to loose 10 pounds so instead of waiting 3 weeks, I will only have to wait 2(:

I just need to remember to start following the meal plan starting tomorrow. And the most I am having a day is on weekends and thats an apple, and an hand full of peanuts. Can't wait. I dont know why but in the summer I am so much more motivated(:

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