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Thursday, April 16, 2009


well their isnt much to write about today. My grandma is coming over in a bit to bring me by some chicken. I asked her to. But she is dropping it off. She brought me chocolate cake yesterday. Well of course I dont plan on eating it, Ill do what I did yesterday, chew and spit, or just smell it and throw it away. I just asked her to bring some to cover up the fact that I am not eating.

She just came. She also brought a peice of cake. I put that in the fridge for later. She brought a lot of chicken and I had a couple of pieces. But they were like the size of my thumb. I would go throw that up but I dont feel like it. I'll just like run 2 hours instead of 1. I wounder How many calories are in a piece of chicken . I'll go check.

I checked and it said that in the amount I ate, It was about 38 calories.

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