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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

weak with energy

I am feeling kind of week but you know. I can deal with this feeling for another 2 weeks. Its all worth it. But the funny thing is, I can still work out and everything and not get tired. Maybe I am just feeling weak because I only got like 6 hours of sleep last night compared to the night before I got 11 hours on a school night. Amazing right? LOL.

Well yeah so IDK how much I weigh but not tomorrow morning, but friday moring I will check. I am estimating I will weigh 108 probably(:

And then Their would still nechnically be 3 more days left to loose 3 pounds to get to 105. And then that would be 6 pounds this week. So then next week if I lost 5 then I would be 100 and then that would mean only 5 more pounds left to go. I have decided to have my goal down to 95 pounds so Like once i am over completley fasting, I am going to eat, just only when I am absolutley craving something, and in porortion so I made my goal to 95 so I have like 3 pounds of wiggle room. And once I get back to above 100 i am fasting again.

Can't wait!!!

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