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Friday, April 24, 2009

Havent been on in like forever...

Yeah I havent been on the computer for like a week because I got grounded...for spilling water near the computer. Well I reached 110...But..im mad at myself...I ate like 2 bowls of cereal and I am now 113 now. So hopefully I can loose the 3 pounds this weekend by drinking a whole lot of water. And I mean a lot. And drinking a whole lot of water and whenever my moms out...working out intensly. And this is not simple this time. No I have had it with loosing it and then gaining it because I am weak and eat. So I really need to have a whole lot of willpower. So I lost like 2 poun ds this week and my goal was 7. Next week I will aim to loose 5 per week instead of 7, because 5 per week is more realistic. Yeah, I can so do this! Fasting Fasting Faasting!!! I need to be strong and I have a whole bunch of tricks to do whenenver i feel like I'm going to crack. This isnt 200 calories a day or even 300 or 100, no...this is 0 calories a day! I am going to get to 98 before the school year ends! Before may ends I will be 98 pounds! Wether it takes 3 weeks or 4, I have to remember what I will look like after. I CAN DO THIS!!!

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